Artiphon Facebook campaign

I looked at your current active Facebook ads. Most send people right to the product page. Your video ads that highlight the product in use are the most powerful.

There’s a real opportunity to expand your customer base by targeting cold traffic with content that warms them up. Video ads would be at the center of these campaigns.

Here are 2 cold traffic conversion funnels that I will implement within my first 90 days at Artiphon. By implementing these strategies, you can expect a higher return on your ad spend. The goal of these campaigns is to acquire more ‘casual’ players as customers – not gearheads.

Genre funnel

Blog post funnel
  • Cold traffic is targeted with a video ad. Existing demographic data will determine age range and gender. (I’m guessing men in their late 20s / early 30s.) Then we will pair that demographic targeting with interest targeting.

  • We will use several videos as ads – each highlighting different genres of music being played on INSTRUMENT 1. Then we will pair those videos with targeted interest groups of artists within those respective genres. The idea is to inspire people to start playing music in the genre they like.

  • People who watch 50% of the ad are retargeted with the same ad. Those who watch 75% are targeted with a product ad that leads to the product page.

  • Video ad leads to native content style blog post about how easy it is to play Artiphon. A call-to-action at the end of the post leads to product page. By sending people to a native ad blog post instead of directly to the product page, you will dramatically lower acquisition cost and warm up cold traffic.

  • Blog visitors are retargeted with a product ad that leads to the product page.

Genre ad

Songwriting course funnel

Songwriting funnel
  • Cold traffic is targeted with a video ad about how songwriting can be simple. INSTRUMENT 1 is highlighted in the video – but the focus is on songwriting. We use the same demographic data as in the genre funnel. Interest targeting will be around songwriters and those interested in musical composition.

  • People are then directed to a landing page where they provide their email in exchange for a 5-day video course on songwriting using Instrument 1 as their primary composition tool.

  • Through the series, they are linked to the product page. Landing page visitors are retargeted with a product ad.

Songwriting ad