Cover letter

Matt Akins

I would highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking a forward-thinking and proactive Marketing Specialist. His passion for achieving measurable results and infectiously positive personality make him a joy to work with!
— Chelsey Homan, Manager at Showroom Logic

Hey there! I'm your next Marketing guy.

From content marketing to marketing automation to analytics, I build effective and measurable marketing campaigns that drive results.

And I'm ready to join your team.


I'm looking for a workplace obsessed with customer experiencechallenging assumptions, and innovation. I'm a collaborative self-starter with a passion for business.

In my most recent role, I served as Director of Marketing for a $50M / year organization in the legal services industry. I have been practicing digital marketing for 8 years. Through many projects for organizations of all shapes and sizes, I have learned how to drive results.

I create all my own content. This includes graphics and copy for things like Facebook ad campaigns and WordPress-based landing pages. I have worked across many different marketing channels - including social, SEO, and email.

I'm able to buildmeasure, and optimize entire digital marketing funnels from top-to-bottom. I want to bring this knowledge and experience to a team where I can contribute and grow.


Throughout my career, I have developed many core competencies and skills. Here are 5 examples that stand out:

1.  Marketing automation

I've obtained HubSpot and inbound marketing certifications. I am comfortable working with CRMs and marketing automation platforms like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign. I understand automation principles and pipeline management.

2.  Content marketing

I build all my own content from scratch - graphic design, copywriting, and WordPress and web development. I've created Facebook ads, landing pages, ebooks, and more. I utilize tools like Sketch and Pixelmator for graphic design and editing.

3.  Email marketing

I've built out many different email followup sequences to A) make leads familiar with the brand through links to content like blogs and B) to close them as customers through offers. Email is the single most effective channel for generating revenue.

4.  Facebook ads

I have extensive experience building out and managing Facebook ad campaigns with the goal of generating leads and sales. I split-test extensively with AdEspresso, a Facebook ad creation tool.

5.  Analytics, Split-testing & Optimization

I iterate on content quickly and believe in trusting data to test what works. I can implement and read Google Analytics. I can implement Facebook pixels and the tracking codes with the power of Google Tag Manager. I have utilized Google Experiments for split-testing and optimization.

All of these different skills inform the same idea - bringing customers through a journey.


In marketing, I believe driving measurable results stands above all else. I will work with you to define key performance indicators for your marketing campaigns. This means finding out what results are valuable to you.

You will know exactly which marketing efforts are driving results.


Bottom line

  • I am able to build, measure, and iterate inbound marketing campaigns through inception, production, and deployment.

  • I have hands-on experience with copywriting, email marketing, graphic design, web development, and analytics. I make all my own content.

  • I have extensively utilized tools like Google Analytics, MailChimp, HubSpot, and other marketing automaton platforms. I hold myself accountable to results that matter to you.

And I’m excited to become a part of your team.

Work with me.