Mobile Technician

September 2014 - October 2015

Channeled customer obsession by fixing broken devices and repairing relationships.

My year at Apple taught me a lot about customer obsession and experience. I had to communicate technical concepts in a way that nontechnical people could understand.

Apple strongly emphasizes qualitative feedback (Net Promoter Score) and understands that language and communication can be the difference between a promoter and a detractor - even if the outcome of the interaction is the same for the customer.

They taught us concepts like positioning - the idea of structuring what you say in a way that seems positive. ("A replacement phone is $250." vs. "This phone is beyond economical repair. Normally a new phone would be over $500. We offer a discount on that price because we know how frustrating these situations can be. A replacement phone is $250.”)

They also stressed the idea of positive intent - meaning you should never blame the customer or assume they are coming from a malicious place. ("You got this phone wet." vs. "It looks like the phone came in contact with liquid.")

This type of intentional language profoundly impacts the customer experience and journey and now informs my marketing and brand experience efforts.