Facebook cover letter

Matt Akins

“I would highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking a forward-thinking and proactive Marketing Specialist. His passion for achieving measurable results and infectiously positive personality make him a joy to work with!”

Chelsey Homan, Manager at Showroom Logic

Hey Facebook! I'm your next Content Strategist.

From content marketing to marketing automation to analytics, I build effective and measurable marketing campaigns that drive results.

And I'm ready to join your team.

I take people through the journey from  stranger  to  promoter  of your brand.

I take people through the journey from stranger to promoter of your brand.


I'm looking for a workplace in Seattle obsessed with customer experiencechallenging assumptions, and innovation. Facebook seems to fit the bill!

I'm a collaborative self-starter with a passion for business. My mission in life is to empower myself and others to change the world. I thrive off of ambiguity and am most comfortable in a fast-paced work environment.

I have been practicing digital marketing for 6 years. Through hands-on experience building out many campaigns for both my own projects and companies of all shapes and sizes, I have gained a unique business perspective. I understand how marketing content can be leveraged to build a relationship with between Facebook and its users.

I create all my own content - from top-of-funnel content like Facebook ad campaigns to bottom-of-funnel products like WordPress-based learning platforms with payment gateways. I have worked across many different marketing channels - including social, SEO, and email.

All of this involves writing effective copy that extols brand values and drives the customer journey forward.


Throughout my career, I have developed content across many different mediums. Here are 3 examples that stand out:

1.  Facebook ads

I have designed, written, deployed, managed, and optimized Facebook ads for many projects. In my last campaign for Centered, I used Facebook video ads to generate webinar leads. You can see a few examples here.

2.  Emails

At Showroom Logic, I wrote and built out many different lead-gen campaigns. With the power of marketing automation, I was able to send out 12,000 emails across 1,000 automotive dealers. Check out a few email examples here.

3.  Landing pages

I have built out and wrote copy for many different landing pages. At Palette, I built out landing pages to promote a product that would teach people how to develop iOS games. Check out the landing page here.

(For more writing samples including blog posts, check out my Portfolio page.)

Other experience

Beyond marketing, I also have hands-on experience in other fields. Here are 3 examples that have influenced my marketing career and approach to content:

1.  Game development

Designed, developed, and distributed engaging, simple iOS games at Palette. Boosted a game to a top 25 rank on the US App Store. Attended DigiPen, a top game design school. Copy is huge aspect of user experience in games.

2.  Storytelling

Interned for the execute producer of 'The Lord of the Rings' at Court Five. Gave feedback on screenplays. Learned about the Hero's Journey and what makes a good story – hugely applicable to marketing campaigns.

3.  Retail

Worked at Apple as a mobile technician. Adherence to a high Net Promoter Score forced me to work at very stringent standard. Every customer interaction needed to be maximized. Communication and very specific language where strongly emphasized.

All of these different experiences inform the same idea - bringing people through a journey.


Bottom line

  • I can build out marketing campaigns from top-to-bottom.
  • I have hands-on experience with copywriting, email marketinggraphic design, web development, and analytics. I make all my own content.
  • I have extensively utilized tools like Google Analytics, MailChimp, HubSpot, and other marketing automaton platforms.

 I’m excited to become a part of the Facebook family.